Soft Thread Lift

Lift and tighten your features

What is Soft Thread Lift?

Soft thread lifts are innovative, non-surgical procedures that give the same results as facelifts without having to go under the knife.
Whether you’re a man or a woman seeking better looking skin, this treatment is perfect for you. It eliminates the need for invasive surgery and shortens the recovery period after the procedure.

How it works

To minimise any discomfort, our qualified and trained practitioners will use local anaesthesia to numb the area of treatment before beginning the procedure. Afterwards, our doctors will insert soft, fine sutures along the direction of the intended lift by compressing and elevating the sutured tissues.
Additionally, this procedure advances the regeneration of your natural collagen while lifting the skin instantly. With soft thread lifts, you can achieve a natural lift with minimal to no scarring.

Woman demonstrates results of Assure Aesthetics treatment Soft Thread Lift
What do Soft Thread Lifts treat?

This procedure offers immediate results to improve the natural definition and lift of your concerned areas. We can provide excellent outcomes to conditions such as:

A demonstration of Assure Aesthetics treatment Soft Thread Lift


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