Fat-Dissolving Injections

Boost your body’s own skin rejuvenation

What are Fat-Dissolving Injections?

Fat-Dissolving Injections work by breaking down the membrane of fat cells, which are then absorbed by the body and eliminated gradually by the kidneys. As fat cells are difficult to replace, the number of fat cells is permanently reduced.
The procedure is particularly useful for removing fat deposits in localised areas.

How it works

The procedure helps remove small deposits of fatty tissue from different areas of the body. Instead of acting as a weight loss method, this is more of a contouring and sculpting treatment. The injections are a non-surgical way to eliminate fat deposits and benign lipomas without surgery.

Using Lipodissolve Fat Dissolving Injections, small amounts of phosphatidylcholine are injected directly into fat deposits without the need for anaesthesia. Results can be seen after 2-3 treatments over 6 months. Intervals between treatments may be 6-8 weeks. The procedure takes between 15 and 45 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Treatments require between 2-4 sessions.

What do Fat-Dissolving Injections treat?

A variety of areas are treated by removing small fat deposits for the purpose of body contouring. 

Suitable treatment for:
– Cheeks
– Jowls
– Axillary fold
– Iliac crest
– Love handles
– Gluteal banana
– Buttocks
– Saddle bags
– Thighs
– Stomach
– Upper arms

Pre and post-care guidelines

Healthy eating habits and regular exercise are equally important in creating a healthy body, as well as Lipodissolve Fat-Dissolving Injections are an adjunct to them. Patients are strongly encouraged to switch to a healthier lifestyle so their treatment outcomes become better.
Our Aesthetic Doctors will discuss any contraindications or side effects that may impact you.


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