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At Assure Aesthetics Clinic, every treatment is performed by our highly skilled staff, who are trained with the utmost regard for your safety and wellbeing.

Our skin solutions are evidence-based, affordable and effective, meaning that you will leave with the best possible treatment and results.

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Principal Clinician

Welcome to Assure Aesthetic, where your pursuit of natural beauty and well-being is our utmost priority. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a distinguished General Practitioner with a specialised focus on aesthetic treatments, stands at the helm of our mission to help you discover the best version of yourself.

A seasoned General Practitioner, Dr. Gupta’s journey into the world of aesthetics is backed by his strong medical foundation, ensuring that every treatment meets the highest standards of safety and effectiveness. His foray into aesthetic medicine is driven by his genuine passion to blend the science of health with the art of beauty.

The uniqueness of Dr. Gupta’s approach lies in his bespoke treatments. Recognising that each individual’s skin and concerns are unique, he meticulously compounds his own cosmeceuticals. Tailored specifically for treating conditions like acne and melasma, these custom blends stand as a testament to his dedication to precision and quality.

Beyond his signature cosmeceuticals, Dr. Gupta offers a wide array of treatments, each curated with an emphasis on delivering a natural and refreshed look. He is adept in the administration of anti-wrinkle injections, ensuring ageless beauty that resonates with your inner youth. His finesse with hyaluronic acid fillers offers subtle enhancements, adding volume and contouring the face in the most natural manner. Moreover, for those seeking a rejuvenated and lifted appearance without the invasiveness of surgery, Dr. Gupta specialises in thread lifts and the transformative technique of (Dermapen 4) micro-needling.

While the range of treatments offered is vast, Dr. Gupta’s philosophy is consistent – to amplify one’s innate beauty, not alter it. This nuanced approach, combined with his vast expertise, has made him a trusted name in aesthetic medicine.

For a more detailed insight into the treatments and concerns addressed at Assure Aesthetic, we invite you to explore our website

Let your journey to ageless beauty and enhanced well-being begin with Dr. Gupta’s expert guidance.


General Practitioner

Dr Irani has a special interest in women’s and family health. She is a dedicated General Practitioner who can assist with all aspects of womens healthcare including pap smears, fertility and family planning, breast checks, menopause and general health checks. 


General Practitioner

Dr Darwish is a GP who graduated from the University of Alexandria Medical School in Egypt in 2009. He attained fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2021.

He started practicing in General Practice in Australia in 2014. Dr Darwish speaks both English and Arabic fluently. He is mainly interested in skin cancer medicine and almost all skin surgical procedures. 

Dr Darwish conducts whole body skin cancer checks and mole mapping for diagnosis, follow-ups and surveillance of skin cancer. Skin cancers are also treated at our clinic, including all surgical procedures. 

Other areas of expertise; iron injections, cosmetic procedures, occupational health checks, pre-employment, work cover, TAC, driver and taxi licence medical exams.

He also has a special interest in womens health, reproductive and sexual, and mens health.

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